Our qualified & reliable team helps you stay compliant & complete your projects!
Why Choose JTL Consultants...
  • Experienced, Helpful Professionals!
    JTL Consultants are qualified, professional, reliable, experienced, and helpful.
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  • Help Navigate City/County Requirements!
    We help our clients navigate and become compliant with tree ordinances and environmental regulations.
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  • We Are On Your Team!
    We see ourselves as collaborating as members of your team to achieve your project’s objectives.
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  • Your Project Timing is Important!
    We complete our work and provide the reports in a timely manner.
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Tree Inventories
An inventory of the trees on your project site will include
the location, scientific and common name, tree measurements,
and condition of the trees.
Tree Protection Reports
A report outlining how trees will be protected
during demolition and construction.
Tree Risk Assessments
Identifying, analyzing and assessing the risk of trees.
Biological Monitoring
Monitoring of trees, plants, mammals, reptiles, and birds
during construction projects.
Tree & Plant Appraisals
Appraising the value of trees and plants.
Additional Services
Post-fire Surveys and Evaluations, GIS Mapping,
Ordinance Compliance, Fuel Modification Reports,
Soil Suitability Reports, Nesting Bird Surveys.
Women Business Enterprise
Small/Micro Business Enterprise
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise